SSI Diagnostica

Presenting the diagnostics field with something simpler and better

Simpler for the better

How do we help establish a strong profile in a complex, regulated market, populated by the world’s most skeptical audience – scientists?

Together with SSI Diagnostica, we created a new core story, communication platform, visual identity, and corporate website.

Inspired by an 18th-century philosopher, we coined the phrase ‘simpler for the better’ to highlight how SSI Diagnostica’s range of solutions makes everyday work simpler for professionals in the field of diagnostics.

SSI Diagnostica

G2M strategy, Value proposition, CVI and site

Pharma and diagnostics


”It’s a tall order to ask for simple, efficient communication when you operate on a global and heavily regulated market with complex products and a diverse target group, like we do. Yet, this is exactly what we get from Klausen and Partners, whom we truly enjoy collaborating with.”

Søren Skjold Mogensen, CCO, SSI Diagnostica

Objectives achieved

  • Make SSI Diagnostica stand out in the market
  • Help set the direction for the organization by strengthening and aligning corporate storytelling
  • Ensure buy-in across the organization
  • Drive the process from start to finish

Want to hear the full story?

Reach out to CEO & Partner Brian Carlson at [email protected] or 51 888 670.