Datalyse your business


Full package, from Value proposition and CVI to live website

Pharma / Consulting

Signum Life Science

How do we establish commercial edge in a complex and increasingly competitive market?

Together with Signum we created a unified value proposition combining their offerings within complex data solutions and consultancy towards pharma in the Nordics.

Next, we developed a new brand identity, communication platform and website under the battle cry, datalyze your business. They even got their own scent…

“Picking the right external partners is essential when you’re in a heavily competitive market such as ours. With Klausen and Partners, we’re working with a team that truly understands our business, services and customers. They’re capable of delivering marketing solutions that drive our business forward”

Søren-Ulrik Rolsted Fangholm

Managing Director, Signum

Let's talk about you

Brian Carlson

CEO, Partner


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