Prokura - a Kearney company

Brand foundation for very ambitious consultancy

Prokura - A Kearney company

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Getting ready for international growth

Prokura is a consultancy unlike other consultancies. Their dedicated focus on procurement, supply chain and bottomline impact has propelled them onto a wild international growth journey. We helped Prokura translate their ‘Nordic-style consultancy’ hallmark into a communication foundation that resonates across regions and industries. And which helps them attract their most vital business resource – talent.

Next, we helped them unfold the strategic foundation on a new website and bold campaign. One might say, we helped them follow through.

“We are specialist ourselves – and we needed specialist expertise to bring our story alive. Klausen and Partners truly excelled, from the first interview to launch day. The way they interacted with our organization and their ability to grasp our needs made all the difference. A pleasure to work with them.”

Christian Svane

Partner, Prokura - a Kearney company

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Brian Carlson

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