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Simpler for the better

SSI Diagnostica

G2M strategy, Value proposition, CVI and site

Pharma and diagnostics

SSI Diagnostica

How do we help establish a strong profile in a complex, regulated market, populated by the world’s most skeptical audience – scientists?

Together with SSI Diagnostica, we created a new core story, communication platform, visual identity, and corporate website.

Inspired by an 18th-century philosopher, we coined the phrase ‘simpler for the better’ to highlight how SSI Diagnostica’s range of solutions makes everyday work simpler for professionals in the field of diagnostics.

“It’s a tall order to ask for simple, efficient communication when you operate on a global and heavily regulated market with complex products and a diverse target group, like we do. Yet, this is exactly what we get from Klausen and Partners, whom we truly enjoy collaborating with.”

Martin Haasum Hansen

International Sales & Marketing, SSI Diagnostica

Let’s turn the complicated into something simple together!

Brian Carlson

CEO, Partner


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