Keep moving parts moving


New corporate visual identity, core story, communication platform, and website

Wind, mining, harbors, others


How do we position Hove to help them capitalize on their market leader position within the wind industry while moving into new sectors?

Since 2000, Hove has created innovative solutions for lubrication of wind turbines. In 2021 they were ready to boost the business abroad and venture into new industries.

We helped them build a new visual identity, website, and communication platform under the corporate tagline, Keep moving parts moving.

“If we are to achieve our ambitious goals, we must reach several different types of decision-makers in different industries and different markets. Klausen and Partners have created a platform that helps us do exactly that. They have shown a clear understanding of our business and created a strong foundation for our brand.”

Trine Nielsen

Marketing & Communications Manager, Hove A/S

Let's keep moving

Brian Carlson

CEO, Partner


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