Marketing playbook anno 2024

In today's fast-paced digital world, maximizing the return on your marketing investments is more crucial than ever. The shift from traditional, large-scale launches to long-term digital campaigns necessitates clear definition of your desired outcomes and a structured, targeted approach.

At Klausen and Partners, we have streamlined this process by dividing our clients' activities into three distinct tracks: GET, KEEP, and GROW, all supported by a robust Brand track.

GET: Generate New Business
The GET track is all about bringing in new customers. It’s designed to attract and convert potential clients, ensuring a steady influx of new business opportunities. By focusing on targeted outreach and effective lead generation tactics, we help you expand your customer base and extend your brand’s reach.

KEEP: Retain Existing Customers
Attracting new customers is just the beginning; retaining them is the next crucial step. The KEEP track is all about maintaining customer loyalty and ensuring long-term satisfaction. We implement retention strategies that not only keep your customers returning also foster strong relationships with your brand. Through personalized communication, we turn one-time buyers into loyal advocates.

GROW: Enhance Customer Value
The GROW track focuses on maximizing the value of your existing customers. We guide them through their product journey, encouraging repeat purchases and upselling additional products and services. Our approach ensures your customers continue to find value in your offerings, increasing their lifetime value and contributing to sustained business growth.

Balancing Act: The Importance of Brand Support
While focusing on these tracks, it's important not to spread your resources too thin, as this can weaken your brand. To avoid this, we consistently support the GET, KEEP, and GROW strategies with a strong Brand track. This ensures broad awareness and reinforces your brand's presence in the market.

Conclusion: Brand · Get · Keep · Grow
These four essential tracks are the cornerstone of driving B2B business success. By focusing on these areas, we help our clients achieve their marketing goals and maximize their ROI. Reach out if you want to hear more about how this approach can benefit your company and B2B marketing efforts.


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