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Telia Erhverv services Danish companies with modern telco solutions that range from simple sim-cards and data, to complex unified solutions.

Most business owners, both Telia customers and those of competitors, only renew an existing telco contract on a 2 to 3-year basis. This means missing out on any new developments and potentially missing great opportunities to improve their business through the use of new technology.

"It all begins with an 8-figure number"


Telia Erhverv has a lot of data about existing customer solutions, across industries. But the data is not accessible for customer service and tele marketing – and is certainly not available to potential customers.

If we could showcase that knowledge, we could inspire both existing and potential customers.


The answer can be found in the data – and it all begins with an 8-figure number which every business owner knows by heart – the Business Identification Number.

We collected real-time data from the public registry and mirrored this against the insights which Telia has from almost half a million active business customers. Now we could present the business owner with the kind of solutions that are trending in their specific industry and in companies of a similar size. Using both specific and individual recommendations, we could link insights and data directly to sales.



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Want to hear more or start using complex data combinations to generate leads and sales? Contact Partner & Client Service Director Brian Carlson.

Brian Carlson

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