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Struers is the world's leading manufacturer of metal preparation and analysis equipment. The analysis documents the nature of metals, hardness and alloy, which is used in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.

With sales in 74 countries, Struers - like all global B2B companies - struggles with large amounts of data in unhomogenic databases, in various formats, and with responsibility placed in silos.

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"The website is the crankshaft of the lead Engine"


B2B customers utilise the wide range of digital channels to self-implement 2/3 of the decision-making process before contacting a sales person. Sales teams are now expected to be able to challenge and advise, which places increased demands for insight into the customer’s business and work processes


The website is the crankshaft of the lead engine. It distributes content, establishes dialog and collects data for further qualification and processing. Built using Sitecore, fully utilises the platform’s personalisation capabilities.

Using data from 6 sources, we build accurate profiles of users. These sources include; dialogue with sales personnel, ERP, e-shop, marketing, e-learning, and the website. This enables us to optimise the customer journey and only deliver leads to sales that are actually ready to buy.



boost in traffic at
the website


more time spent
at the website


more qualified

6 months

payback time

Winner at the Danish Digital Award

Winner at the Danish Internet Award

Winner of Sitecore Experience Award

Nominated for the best Integrated sales and Marketing campaign, B2B Awards

If you want the full story and to learn how to get started with true omni-channel marketing, contact our Head of Strategy & Partner, Niels Kaldahl

Niels Kaldahl

Director of Strategy & Partner