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Case Study: Mundipharma Nordic

Unites through
internal APP


Mundipharma is a large pharmaceutical company, selling prescriptive drugs and healthcare products sold over the counter.

Mundipharma had 4 different organisations in the Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. 4 countries = 4 sets of values, 4 Leadership teams, 4 ways of doing business.

The task was to unite the 4 companies to form one Nordic company.

"Culture eats strategy
for breakfast"


‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ – a famous quote from Peter Drucker. To change diverse cultures into one you need engagement and interaction. Action – not theory or lectures. Intranets are great for one-way communication, usually from top-down. But intranets are not optimal when you want people to continuously interact, engage and share.


Since everyone already has a smartphone, we decided to develop an internal Mundipharma app and give everyone an easily accessible platform for dialogue with both peers and management.

We created a tool that every employee in every country could engage with. It became a culture bearer and a platform for everyone to share best practices, examples of success – and a place to ask questions. With the app, everyone has instant access to all colleagues, management and key messages. And management has a powerful tool to push relevant content and success stories.



of all employees
downloaded the app


visit the app on
a daily basis


open the app,
upon a notification

4 min.

average time
per visit

The case has been nominated as the

Best Internal Audience Campaign

at the B2B Marketing Awards 2017.

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Brian Carlson

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