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Digitally driven and individual sales of genuine spare parts


MAN Diesel & Turbo design and build marine engines – and know exactly which spare parts each engine needs. MAN decided to introduce customers to tailor-made spare parts sets, consisting of all the necessary parts for a specific engine part.

"It's in the bag"


But customers are used to buying spare parts only on an ad hoc basis. And the industry is conservative and slow in adopting changes, only repairing what is broken here and now.

The challenge was to convince customers to buy original spare parts packed in an entire set – while saying goodbye to simple repairs made with cheap copy goods.


We invited customers on a digital journey. This started by selecting the exact ships their customer owns and operates, and making only the spare part kits for their available ship. By combining the data of the ship, engine and customer, we created an individual touchpoint.

It's not just a collection of spare parts. It’s a tailor made service, presented with tailor made digital communication.





local sales rep


rise in sales!

The case won Gold in Effectiveness
at the Danish Digital Award 2017.

“The “It’s in the bag” campaign has kick-started a new dialogue between MAN Diesel & Turbo and our customers, positioning us as a partner dedicated to constant improvement rather than just a supplier. By letting customers hold, open and examine the product concept themselves, we have convinced them and deepened our relationships with them. The creativity and robust execution of the campaign together with internal communication with the sales force delivered a sales increase of 350 per cent.”

Michael Petersen, Head of MAN PrimeServ Copenhagen

If you want to hear more about how to integrate and automate customer data across all touch points, contact Hans-Henrik Søndersted-Olsen.

Hans-Henrik Søndersted-Olsen