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MAN Diesel & Turbo takes a 360 approach to designing, installing and maintaining high-quality engines for the shipping industry. Commercial vessels need to go into dry dock every few years for a major service. But there’s no guarantee that the shipping company will choose MAN Diesel & Turbo even though their vessel in question is powered by a MAN Diesel & Turbo engine.


So how could MAN Diesel & Turbo make sure they would be top-of-mind for their customers when it came to planning the dry docks for their fleet? And how could they play a valuable role in the earliest stages of this planning process?


We helped MAN Diesel & Turbo develop a data-driven portal. Once securely logged in, shipping companies can see every vessel in their fleet, track their location with GPS, check when they are due for a dry dock, and order a Pre-docking Inspection.

MAN Diesel & Turbo can then carry out an inspection some 6 months before the scheduled dry docking so they can make sure all spare parts will be in place and downtime will be kept to a minimum. Customers have a single portal of access where it’s easy to download reports on individual vessels, order inspections, and much more.

And by demonstrating value for their customers, MAN Diesel & Turbo becomes more than a supplier. They become a strategic partner – and make more sales.



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Silver award
in the category Data & Marketing Automation,
Danish Digital Award 2018

Double finalist 22/11/2018
in the categories Most Commercially Succesful Campaign and Best Lead Corporate Decision-maker Targeted Campaign, Global B2B Award (UK)

“The Pre-docking Inspection Portal is an outstanding digital planning tool. Outstanding for our customers because it makes for the most efficient dry dock possible, keeping downtime and costs to a minimum. And for us because it puts us top of mind really early in the customer journey. As soon as it went live, customers signed up. And based on activity so far, we expect sales generated by Pre-docking Inspections to increase tenfold.”

Michael Petersen, Head of MAN PrimeServ Copenhagen

If you want to hear more about how to integrate and automate customer data across all touch points, contact Hans-Henrik Søndersted-Olsen.

Hans-Henrik Søndersted-Olsen