Presenting governments and business
with an ally in innovation

Allies in innovation

How do we establish a clear and crisp identity in some of the world’s most complex, regulated and politicized markets?

Terma develops cutting-edge technology deployed on land, at sea, in the air and in outer space, but they needed a clearer, more modern brand profile. In close collaboration with Pentia, we developed a new visual identity, value proposition and website headlined by their tagline, Allies in innovation.


New corporate visual identity and website



With our new corporate site and visual identity, our goal was to embrace a number of very different target groups, from the defense industry and governments over to local authorities and space agencies. I am very satisfied with the final result delivered by Klausen and Partners.”

Tonny Heelsberg Pedersen, Marketing Director, Terma A/S 

Objectives achieved

  • Drive process from start to finish
  • Create a clear, strong visual identity that works across very different markets
  • Ensure buy-in across organization
  • Align corporate storytelling across organization

Want to hear the full story?

Reach out to CEO & Partner Brian Carlson at [email protected] or 51 888 670.