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A responsible future

How can you make bioplastics even more sustainable?

For more than two decades, DBI has pioneered the sustainable agenda in the plastic industry in relation to both recyclable materials and plant-based bioplastic. Now, DBI has introduced a return and recycling service for their bioplastic products. When the products have served their purpose or are no longer needed by the client, DBI offers to take them back and recycle them – thereby helping to close the production loop.

DBI Plastics

Launch of bioplastic return and recycling service

Protective plastic solutions


“When it comes to bioplastics, we want to go all in, and we want to contribute to a circular production loop that minimizes the climate footprint. The new service had to be communicated clearly to the market as well as our clients – and we had excellent help from Klausen and Partners, and we can see that the message has been well-received.”

Jannik Allentoft, Vice President Marketing & Product Management, DBI Plastics

DBI Plastics

Multifaceted messaging

With the new service, DBI Loop, we expanded on the sustainability messaging of DBI Bio while creating a clear visual identity that underlines the green, circular mindset. This adds an additional angle to the DBI Bio product offerings.

Furthermore, a CO2 calculator was developed and works as an extra tool in the overall messaging. The calculator supports the sales staff in customer dialogues and helps to illustrate and document how DBI’s clients can achieve their sustainability targets.


  • Strengthened core story
  • Reinforcement of the sustainability commitment and increased credibility
  • Clear competitor positioning
  • Support from internal sales staff

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