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The team

Brian Carlson

CEO, Partner

Niels Kaldahl

Head of Strategy & Partner

Louise Plaun

Creative Director

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If you want a fresh take on a B2B marketing challenge, please stop by Islands Brygge 55. Give us a call, and we’ll have the coffee ready.

+45 33 27 70 30
[email protected]

Martin Molt Ipsen

Director of Digital & Performance

Anton Dunvad

Art Director

Jens Bjørn-Christensen

Head of Performance

Lukas Henri Linnemann

Performance Partner

Mikaela Maria Wilmann Ohl

Project Manager

Anna Louise Poulsen

Project Manager

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+45 33 27 70 30
[email protected]

Dale Ellis Becker III


Torben Toft Andersen

Final Art

Jens Maigaard

Performance Partner

Mathias Madsen

Chief Technology Officer

Anders Alho

Junior Developer

Kasper Juul Østrup

Project Manager

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Pernille Breum

Performance Partner

Michael Buhl

Art Director

Mathias Caspersen

Senior Copywriter

Michael Helge Sørensen

Web Developer

Mads Tønder

Art Director

Sofie Hougaard Danesø

Performance Assistant

Jakob Lundvig Færch

HR Manager

Jesper Stuhr

Head of Accounting

Betty & Arthur