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unfair share

We create marketing solutions that help you win an unfair market share. Here’s how…

Creating commercial edge

How we work

Great customer experiences provide your business with commercial edge.
But only if they connect emotionally and rationally – and generate preference and action.
To create these experiences, we follow a trinity of working principles…

The beauty of data

Data can challenge perceptions, illuminate buyer behavior and create actionable insights. We help your business turn data into marketing strategies that attract, convert and engage.

The stardust of creativity

Creativity is a strategic differentiator. We create solutions that help your business ignite human connection, create competitive advantage and drive business value.

The power of technology

Simplicity works. Based on a deep understanding of platforms and technology, we help your business paths find simple ways to digital experiences that perform.

Meet the team

With you all the way

What we offer

The digital revolution and modern customer expectations present a new frontier for B2B businesses.

To help you navigate the wealth of opportunities, we offer services ranging from strategic groundwork all the way to fine-tuning online presence.

All about B2B

Who we are

Klausen and Partners consist of around twenty B2B specialists who share a drive for solving complex marketing challenges. Founded as a direct marketing agency in 1987, we have been long fans of targeted and measurable communication. In 2020, we partnered with Pentia to truly excel in the digital space, and today, we share an office on Islands Brygge, Copenhagen.

Pentia partnership

Pentia is an independent digital consultancy. With three offices in Denmark and Sweden and more than 100 digital masterminds, they’re a leading Nordic player in the field.

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Fuel for thought

With Haldor Topsoe, we developed a communication platform for renewables.
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