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Say hello to the web application keeping you in the know.

Get your entire team on-board and up to date.

Getting to know the ins and outs of your company is difficult enough. Getting to know your colleagues on top of that can be a job of its own.

Hello Team is a web application that grants single-point access to employee contact information, company value proposition, and an internal news hub– all in one place. Improve your onboarding process and get the information you need to stay in the know, at work, or on the go.

Stop Searching. Start Connecting.

Save time browsing through your company’s website or searching for an email signature that isn’t there. Instead, get the contact info you need in the time it takes to type a name into a search bar.
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“With +150 people in 5 countries the app is in daily use. It works great for pre-meeting lookup and getting to know each other. We still have our internal sharepoint solution for the heavy stuff, but the application is great for building culture and saving time.”

Christian Svane

Partner, Prokura - a Kearney company

A Nordic Approach to HR

Your colleagues are more than just an email address. Get background info, fun facts, and conversation starters for each member's profile. Perfect for onboarding, pre/post-meeting inquiry, and workplace environment improvement.

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Get everyone on the same page, in the same place. Drive corporate culture with direct access to your company’s value proposition and the latest internal news.

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Brian Carlson

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