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A Digital Affaire


Telia Erhverv services Danish companies with modern telco solutions that range from simple sim-cards and data, to complex unified solutions.

This case targets SMV Danish businesses, ranging from 5-75 employees.


How do you get the attention from a target group that struggles with much more important things than telco solutions?

The answer was to talk about something that is close to their hearts – the digitalisation of their own companies.


In conjunction with “Dansk Industri,” we established a platform to highlight how to digitalise Danish businesses. Findings from 500 interviews concluded that the target group lacks the digital competence, knowledge and the tools – all delivered through PR.

We started visiting companies with tech expert, Christiane Vejlø, and journalist, Esben Bjerre, – to document the state of the union. Real people, real challenges, real businesses.

Anchored in a SoMe strategy and content delivery plan, we started thousands of conversations, giving Telia Erhverv the platform they needed.


The journey has just begun. Since the launch of the platform, we’ve had more than 125.000 views from business owners, conversations with potential customers and a new way of talking tech solutions in customers’ terms.

On top of that we are experiencing major interest in our new Morning seminars: Kickstart your digitalization! They sell out in the matter of hours and it’s a tool for engaging the small and mid-sized companies.

Want to hear more or build your own platform for content marketing? Contact Partner & Client Service Director Brian Carlson.

Brian Carlson

Partner & Client Service Director