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MAN Diesel & Turbo takes a 360 approach to designing, installing and maintaining high-quality engines for the shipping industry. Commercial vessels need to go into dry dock every few years for a major service. But there’s no guarantee that the shipping company will choose MAN Diesel & Turbo even though their vessel in question is powered by a MAN Diesel & Turbo engine.


So how could MAN Diesel & Turbo make sure they would be top-of-mind for their customers when it came to planning the dry docks for their fleet? And how could they play a valuable role in the earliest stages of this planning process?


We helped MAN Diesel & Turbo develop a data-driven portal. Once securely logged in, shipping companies can see every vessel in their fleet, track their location with GPS, check when they are due for a dry dock, and order a Pre-docking Inspection.

MAN Diesel & Turbo can then carry out an inspection some 6 months before the scheduled dry docking so they can make sure all spare parts will be in place and downtime will be kept to a minimum. Customers have a single portal of access where it’s easy to download reports on individual vessels, order inspections, and much more.

And by demonstrating value for their customers, MAN Diesel & Turbo becomes more than a supplier. They become a strategic partner – and make more sales.



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If you want the full story and how to activate your customers on a digital journey, contact Client Service Director Camilla Spliid.

Camilla Spliid

Client Service Director